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Social Power with the Law of Attraction!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

What is this post about?!

- Social Confidence and The Law of Attraction. Combining the two well when meeting new people

- Practical approaches

Do you ever see new people, wish you could go over to them to make some form of connection ie friendship, just have a conversation, discuss business (network) yet procrastinate on it or avoid it altogether?

Do you get shy or anxious when it comes to approaching new people?

You're not alone. Bhavin Yoda Lee has been there and can assert that with smaller steps it can become really easy and unconsciously effortless to meet new people anytime anyplace. It becomes magical when we integrate our methods or approaches with the natural Laws of the Universe. This can be undertaken by studying them and ultimately applying ourselves well.

Social Confidence is about cultivating the art of connecting with people where it feels like you have known them for years. With those where this is not the case, we can adapt and still connect in ways where there is peace or create some form of positivity.

What is the Law of Attraction?

You're thoughts will project out into the Universe and they eventually contribute towards physical experiences. It is not as simple as that since each thought will not contribute to experiences bouncing back in a linear format. Each thought will instead contribute to what you will attract at some point. The order of what you attract is not linear and things will appear in unexpected ways.

How can we combine Social Confidence and the Law of Attraction?

- become more conscious of our thoughts

- use a journal to record negative thoughts then replace them with positive ones

- visualise being connected to people

- writing down exactly the type of social skills that one wishes to develop

A practical approach could be to:

- make a list of goals and then break them down

- create a progressive target based table, input smaller action steps

- celebrate wins

- allow scope for some failure eg 30% outright rejections, then the week after it can drop to 25%, then later lower

Everyone has a superhero within them waiting to be nurtured ...

Go Attract Super Confidence!

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