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Getting Practical In Business With Various Laws Of The Universe

Have you ever watched The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? It's a fantastic summary of a few of the Laws of the Universe, mostly The Law of Attraction. However, Bob Proctor touches on The Law of Oneness fairly early on in the documentary / movie. The scene with many lights going out in a cosmopolitan city to illustrate that we are all connected.

How do you apply some of these laws in business or your working environment?

The first step would be to 'ask' the Universe. The universal mind ie the all encompassing mind that we are connected to has all the answers specific to your journey. Once you attract the right people, circumstances and more that can also sometimes act as signs towards your answer, you will determine more effective ways to apply some of these laws.

There are plenty of books, videos and more that teach exercises within the context of the Law of Attraction. To apply the other Laws, google them and if there is a shortage of practical applications, 'ask' for more! The Universe will bring things to you at the right time.

Applying The Law of Karma and The Law of Correspondence (ref: Brian Tracy) can be rewarding in business or in working environments. We can measure the number of people that give us positive responses over an extended period along with other observations. Areas relative to these two Laws that a person stagnates on can lead to one refining their mindset and so changing thinking to start to create new experiences especially with people.

The results one attains with applying various Laws more effectively is significant yet not as important as who the person becomes along the way. The mere act of studying the laws then actively applying them will lead to improved performances yet also more beyond that. That last bit is most certainly an understatement.

Which of the Laws of the Universe can you work on to improve your business?

How would you rate you Karma? Do you attract unwanted responses from people? What do you need to change within you?

When exploring other Laws that you are new to and wish to apply them more practically:

Always ask once, have total faith, let go, express gratitude in advance and also in general as an ongoing habit and watch how more of what you ask for manifests, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

Attract Super Confidence!

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