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Building Confidence with the Law of Attraction!

Updated: May 30, 2023

What is this awesome post about?

- what confidence is and the benefits of having it to a super level

- what the Law of Attraction is

- what some of the other Laws of the Universe are

- attracting confidence via the Law of Attraction

What is confidence?

Confidence is consistently having total self belief that one can do something well. Imagine if your confidence skyrocketed to a level that is 10x more advanced than what you have right now? Describe the details on a piece of a paper or note app on your phone / tablet. Yes, so you can do this right about now :)

Ok great now that you finished that first exercise, just wanna give you a hi 5 for sticking around and having the confidence to want to evolve.

What are the benefits of having confidence to a super level?

- save plenty of time and money

- be more attractive

- attract better people

- be more likely to achieve more

- much more!

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a fundamental law governed by the Universe. In a short summary, our thoughts contribute to what we attract into physical experiences. There is much more to this law though. There are also other Laws of the Universe:

How can you manifest (attract) more confidence and build it to a super level with the Law of Attraction?

There are infinite ways yet it will involve:

- shifting mindsets and so replacing negative thoughts with positive ones

- making it a habitual practice to expand new positive thoughts

- expressing gratitude for current levels of confidence (key!)

- visualising yourself being bolder, stronger and more capable yet doing so one aspect at a time

Ok so now have more useful knowledge especially if you watched the YouTube clip above, you're ready to go Attract Super Confidence!

Bhavin Shah AKA Bhavin Yoda Lee

Confidence Coach

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