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Attract Super Confidence!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Confidence equates to belief in self, others and positively expecting a task or project in any endeavour to be completed with success. Confidence is crucial to sustain success in all areas of our life.

How do we build confidence to eventually a world class level?

Before I begin, it's useful to understand that you are on your own unique path to success, so my tips will only be a guide. Feel free to change my tips to your liking, change the order of suggestions or create your own ideas. Good luck with it :)

Here are some top tips:

1. Master Self Esteem

Like everything you do and everything about yourself, you're simply amazing!

Would you like proof? Write down all your good qualities about yourself and then later write down all your skills in every area of your life. You have many from IT skills, to work related skills, to study skills, to activity related. Like I said you're already amazing.

2. Master your environments

You have to spend time with the best to be the best. My life changed when I spent more time around those who consistently appreciated me, my vision and most importantly they were on top of their game, hence, they stimulated more creative ideas towards my goals / projects. Top martial artists, sports athlete's became amazing from spending time with masters and say the best students in relevant groups. Make it a habit to raise your standards and arrange your life so that you are surrounded by great people. At the same time, ensure you continuously evolve so you can attract a higher calibre of people.

3. Eliminate or dramatically reduce exposure to Media

You want to be as confident as James Bond, Superman or other iconic figures? Well avoid avenues where there are a barrage of fears being passed on. Avoid negativity. Would you like to be consistently self assured such that for any job interview, stage performance or exam you're like "Man this is gonna be amazing... Im pretty excited". Anything is possible. The mind can be regularly upgraded.

4. Study and give FOCUS on super confident people

Whatever we think about upon most of the time we end up becoming the essence of. If we persistently criticise others, it has to bounce back into us ie we become what we persistently criticise.

For the latter scenario, how about reversing this process to appreciate, and positively focus on those who we aspire to be like. Make notes on them, watch videos of them, visualise behaving like them. If this becomes a daily habit, watch your confidence soar. You can still maintain your uniqueness.

5. Immerse into Personal Development

Learning from motivational speakers can completely change one's outlook on life. There are many practical exercises in books that benefit you, your teams and / or the people around you where relevant. Les Brown "read 2 books a week in your field". Right about now open up Amazon on your phone, tablet, Ipad or computer and save some books in your wishlist.

6. Cultivate uplifting SELF TALK

Talking to yourself in only a positive way when by yourself overtime can do wonders for one’s confidence.

Tell yourself things like:

You da man (or woman)!

You are capable of doing well in anything

You were born to be amazing

I have many skills and talents that can get me through this smoothly

I appreciate myself!


etc etc etc

Keep it consistent and regular

So you're probably thinking that's it in terms of tips. Well, no :) here is my top tip below which will indirectly build confidence overtime and create more 'abundance'.

7. Find happiness in the now and go for more

It is feasible to accept the current level of any area of your life by altering perpectives / mindset. Our happiness depends on this, as well as the ability to set and achieve more goals (fulfill desires). To clarify it is possible to feel good about current levels and still go for more. The two can be combined well. Chunking goals helps with this.


Create a table with the following columns:

Area / Subject of my life

What are the current positives of this area / subject?

What am I already good at in this area / subject?

What do I really want in this area / subject?


Enjoy filling the columns in :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I'm sure you can create your own ideas or methods to build super confidence. Keep at it, the only is way up.

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