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A platform to build confidence and enhance performance in every area of life. This involves advancing self to develop more life and performance related skills. Topics include:
THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (and other laws), Goal Setting, Positive Thinking, Motivation, Happiness, Confidence, Self Esteem, Emotional Intelligence, Multiple Intelligences, Social Confidence...
and maybe more!


Its all about supporting each other...


This website was created with loads of positive energy and with the main aim of serving people. So feel free to send me some incredible creative ideas via email or calling us directly... who knows we may even treat you to some free coaching... or at least hot chocolate :)

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My mission is to inspire, motivate and elevate individuals to a higher level of being so they can experience total ABUNDANCE in all or chosen areas of their life. Through my Confidence and Performance Coaching Services I wish to allow individuals to discover their own truths and solutions and ultimately create their own paths in chosen endeavours, yet also providing some expert guidance. Through this process, it is my vision to instigate every student to step onto or stay on the path of achieving EXCELLENCE whilst unlocking their hidden potential (latent powers within their Subconscious Mind). Consequently, they can lead by example in their own life to the point where those observing are positively compelled to follow suit, yet in their own way, at their own pace. Join me in my vision to totally transform collective human consciousness!

Bhavin Shah

Hello! I wish to inspire you to greatness... Bhavin Shah



I shall spare the "I came from a dark place story". Many people have setbacks. The key is to get back up no matter what. In my case I couldn't actually get back up properly at times! What I will share is that I overcame huge obstacles and through perseverance and having an unmeasurable hunger to want to make colossal changes to myself, I grew mentally, physically and spiritually to levels I eventually felt compelled to inspire others to do the same in their lives yet to their own liking. Over the years I have immersed myself through Personal Development, watching video after video, listening to countless Audio Books, attending various seminars and taking up coaching from experts. The before and after was breathtaking for those observing me at times :) 


Of all the subjects within the vast field of Personal Development, my biggest passion is the 'Law of Attraction'. Notably, I am a qualified practioner of the Law of Attraction', having take up an online course with the renowned speaker, Joe Vitale. My name appears on the website for the Global Sciences Foundation (


I still continuously evolve by dedicating a chunk of my time in my busy week to Personal Development, usually mornings and sometimes in the evening. Off course, I make time for my biggest passions ... Hip Hop dancing, listening to music, writing Poems, Rapping, Meditation, practising QiQong, watching Kung Fu movies and spending quality time with family.


I now intend to dedicate my life to transforming those who wish to change and add value to their life way beyond their existing reality or dreams. Anything really is possible with acquiring useful knowledge/tools, having the best supportive team around us and being positively challenged by a great coach.


Bhavin Shah




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