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Attract Super Confidence

Achieve Bigger Goals

Welcome to Attract Super Confidence!

A platform to build super confidence in infinite ways

"Have No Way As The Way" - Bruce Lee

At Attract Super Confidence the mission is to facilitate the growth of potential and existing superheroes to levels where more people around them are compelled to follow suit.

Everyone has a superhero within them 100%.

The platform involves Life Coaching through 1 on 1 programs, group coaching, courses and live events. The key is to determine problems, co-create solutions and spend much more time on the latter. The aim is for you to have positive permanent effects whereby your renewed level of super confidence is sustainable. A further goal is for you to manifest more of what is wanted and needed via the Natural Laws of the Universe including the Law of Attraction.

Attract Super Confidence!

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I am Bhavin Shah AKA Bhavin Yoda Lee :)

Bhavin Shah

Real and coach name

I am a Confidence and Law of Attraction Coach that specialises in Confidence and also The Laws of The Universe including The Law of Attraction. Both can be combined or seperated depending on the client(s) needs and preferences.


There are various other subjects I coach on such as Social Confidence, Networking, Emotional Intelligence and more. Confidence and the Law of Attraction is generally at the forefront, hence the slogan, Attract Super Confidence! I also love offering general Life Coaching. For everything I tend to use 'Pure Coaching' methodology. Pure Coaching is really effective and consistently well received by clients. 

Bhavin Yoda Lee

Stage and performer name - Spoken Word Poetry and Rapping

Based on my nickname Bhavin Yoda Lee, expect wisdom and certainly some thought provoking questions. The coaching is very supportive, non-judgemental, fun yet also challenging at times so it's best that you're up for exponential growth. Attract Super Confidence!

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"You become what you think about most of the time"

Brian Tracy

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