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Self Esteem - The Key To Supreme Confidence!

What is SELF ESTEEM and why is it crucial to sustain it to a healthy level?

Self Esteem is how much a person likes and accepts themself. When a person appreciates self, it shows up in their body language and fundamentally, it is a signal for inviting others to treat that person accordingly. To elaborate, high self esteem invites more people to perceive the high esteemed with more acceptance and appreciation. Low self esteem will tend to attract negative behaviours from some people. It is imperative to build self esteem to such a level that facial expressions and overall demeanour consistently project ‘self-love’. Then people who come into contact with the high esteemed individual will reflect some of that love back… alas the cliche:

Perception is projection!

How do we build self esteem:

Courage of a lion
  1. Change Self Image (Self Image is how we see ourselves internally) - visualisation of a new you can do wonders if practised regularly​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  2. Recognise strengths and focus on appreciating them more, rather than giving unnecessary attention to weaknesses… this is key! (Low self esteem people tend to complain about their weaknesses… accentuating the problem through their focus rather than expanding on their strengths)

  1. Spend time with uplifters / motivators… those who bring us up and make us realise how great we are can have a massive positive impact on our self esteem

Extra Bonus

My personal favourite exercise

List all your qualities and skills that you and the people in your life admire about you… circle the ones that stand out ie where they are of a high standard (it is more effective to use colour for each quality and skill) ... celebrate the list!

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