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Happiness Is The Real Desire For Everyone!

Happiness as a way, never a result to be chased

Contrary to what we have learned or picked up through society, experiencing real happiness stems from a life where we consistently strive for our goals and make feeling good the ultimate priority for our entire life. Both of these conditions are imperative to sustain glowing happiness.

Lets first discuss striving for goals:

GOALS - To get started you must have a destination

It is absolutely essential for one to never suppress desires and to always set clear written goals and then to actively work towards them through action plans. The very act of writing detailed goals and working through them via proper planning, creates excitement and a sense of achievement (when tasks are completed). The mind becomes self conditioned to believe one is proactively taking action and a substantially better state of mind is created, hence, contributing to feeling good, thus more consistent happiness. Read that last bit again!

The above should not be confused with relying on the outcome to be happy. Remember, happiness is not result dependent, it is a ‘way’... ie a way of being. I would like you to really think about this for a minute or two. Are you always dependent on the result? Do you only feel ‘happy’ if you pass the exam / interview / attain desire? … Would it not be better to set clear detailed goals, create an effective action plan, take action and have fun and stay excited throughout the process whilst ticking off a list of action steps? Surely, this will make you feel better, more excited or joyful about your goals… key note - it is not as important to achieve all your goals ON TIME rather than to achieve them (it is ok to fail and redefine action plans and achieve goals after deadlines… the main thing is to achieve them AND be ‘happy’ with who are you are becoming along the journey to success… as no doubt you will evolve… it is guaranteed you will learn so much in terms of self and also the outside world.

Now to discuss feeling good as the priority:

  • Our life is governed by our thoughts

  • Thoughts create feelings

  • Feelings are a measure of thoughts on a specific subject

  • Feelings let us know if we are in ‘harmony’ with a subject in our life or not

  • The more we FEEL good on more subjects… the more happy we are!

Examples of subjects - brushing teeth, car, house, bedroom, bathroom, clothes, favourite soup, dog (or other pet), finances, rent, expenses, relationships, hobbies… the list goes on and on… we have many subjects… for EACH ONE we have thoughts or had many many thoughts previously… notice how you feel for each one as you think about them or speak on them… this is your measure of whether you are in harmony with that subject or not… if you are feeling good… there is harmony… if you feel bad or extremely bad… there is a discord between what your current beliefs (collection of thoughts) are and what you really want… solution… change thinking! … there are other tools… you will have to ask me as this is a big subject area… good luck :)

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