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There is a difference between ' Pure Coaching' and 'Mentoring'...


Pure Coaching involves facilitating a person to extract their own solutions by the coach taking a seat back and fundamentally asking the right questions. By being less direct and asking questions from perspectives the student is unaware of can often lead to a more fulfilling set of results for the coaching partnership, with the student feeling like they have taken more ownership of their path, since the solutions came from them, albeit through intelligent questioning from the coach.


Mentoring is a more conventional way to coach someone and involves a direct way of offering advice. This entails the mentor assessing and evaluating where the student is at and usually prescribing appropriate advice and a relative set of action steps or directing an action plan. In this dynamic, more can come from the mentor and less from the student. This is ideal in cases of new learners or those students that are dependent in the beginning. Mentoring has its use for sure. Examples of mentoring are commonly found in educational establishments such as schools, colleges, universities and also Sports Coaches tend to mainly mentor (Football, Boxing etc). 


The ultimate coach is one who has the right balance of Pure Coaching and Mentoring. This means the coach will know when to facilitate and ask questions to allow the student to conjure their own ingenious solutions, and also when to step in and offer direct advice or create some path (small or large) for them when necessary. Ultimately, coaching can be great fun with the right coach... ahem... hint :)



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